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Sherwood Shankland– Mentor Trainer and Senior Facilitator – Shankland and Associates, LLC 

Sherwood has 30+ years of experience with group process facilitation. He designs and facilitates strategic and operational planning sessions with leadership teams.  He trains new facilitators in basic facilitation methods and coaches experienced facilitators in advanced skill-sets. He is a founding member of the International Association of Facilitators, and a certified Mentor Trainer in the ToP Network of Trainers and Facilitators. 

His wide range of work with clients includes: Community development projects in Indonesia, Jamaica and New Mexico; Private sector leadership teams of Citibank and Texaco; International agencies - notably the UN Food and Agriculture Organization in Rome, Addis Ababa, Accra, Cairo, Harare, Samoa and Bangkok; Federal and State government agencies in DC, Virginia and Colorado; Church re-development efforts in Washington DC and Bartlesville, OK; and a town meeting with 200 citizens of the Osage Nation in Oklahoma; 3000 local residents at the Washington DC Mayor’s strategic planning session for neighborhood leaders (300 tables of 10 persons); 2-300 citizens from Appalachian communities at 6 meetings collecting input on local needs to match with Federal programs.  A joint Board and Staff Retreat for 25 members of Truelift, a non-profit which measures and certifies groups seeking to empower poor communities to rise out of poverty.

Eunice Shankland– Mentor Trainer and Senior Facilitator – Shankland and Associates, LLC 

Eunice Shankland is a professional group facilitator and trainer with 30 years of experience in the areas of process design, participatory planning and training. She has a solid history of success in facilitating groups for the purpose of strategic planning, visioning, team building, project development, and group facilitation methods training. She has conducted focus groups, designed meetings, retreats, conferences, training programs, and provided consulting services to senior level management. Strong conceptual and analytical abilities coupled with excellent communication and group process skills are among her strengths.

Prior to consulting, Ms. Shankland was one of the five Directors of the Institute of Cultural Affairs (ICA) from 1982-1985 where she was responsible for overseeing the work of its international staff and national office planning. She also served as a co-director of the Institute of Cultural Affairs field offices with specific responsibility for managing integrated community development projects in Indonesia and Malaysia in Southeast Asia and Jamaica in the West Indies. She also served on the Board of the Institute Of Cultural Affairs, International (ICAI). Training events she has developed and delivered include facilitation skills, supervisory and management skills, collaborative leadership development, partnership development and planning. 

Over the past eight years, Ms. Shankland has focused on developing and conducting group facilitation classes as well as designing and delivering facilitation services to various units, divisions, and departments at the Food and Agriculture Organization of the UN. Her projects have ranged from designing and facilitating sessions for the technical meetings and consultations, long-range thinking and strategic planning. She is the consultant to the FAO Professional Facilitation Certification Programme. She is a skillful facilitator and instructor of consensus-based planning methods designed to generate ideas, action plans and build commitment with diverse groups.

Her client list includes The American Institute of Conservation, The Getty Conservation Institute, New York University: College of Fine Arts - The Conservation Center, the National School Board Association, The National Park Service, Citibank, Household International (now HKSB), United Nations Development Programme, and Food and Agriculture Organization (UN) and Care International in Indonesia and Australia. Ms. Shankland holds a Bachelor’s Degree on Christian Education. She is a Mentor-Trainer for the Institute of Cultural Affairs and a founding member of the International Association of Facilitators. She works in close collaboration with her business partner and husband, Sherwood Shankland.

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