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Sherwood and Eunice Shankland are co-owners of Shankland and Associates, LLC an independent consulting firm based in Centennial, Colorado.  As management consultants and professional facilitators, the Shanklands offer their clients services in program design, group facilitation and facilitator training. Their basic approach is to use methods which emphasize participation of multiple stakeholders, consensus building and action plans.
Shankland and Associates is connected to an active network of facilitators in the USA and around the world. The Shanklands are founding members of the International Association of Facilitators, (IAF which has established a code of ethics, professional facilitation competencies and a facilitator certification process. 

For thirty years, the Shanklands have been affiliated with The Institute of Cultural Affairs, (ICA) where, as international staff, they helped to develop the Technology of Participation (ToP®). The ToP facilitation methods were originally used in local community planning efforts. Eunice and Sherwood spent ten years adapting and refining the ToP methods in self-help community development projects in Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines and Jamaica. (see:

As independent consultants since 1989, the Shanklands have applied these same facilitation methods to Strategic and Operational Planning for a wide range of clients. In the business sector they have designed and delivered programs in product design, marketing, leadership development and centralized mortgage processing. They have provided services to governmental agencies, not-for-profit and faith-based organizations, universities, school systems and professional associations in the United States and in fourteen other countries.

Both Eunice and Sherwood are qualified by the Institute of Cultural Affairs (USA) as Mentor-Trainers in the Technology of Participation (ToP®) Series. They conduct training sessions for organizations to develop internal facilitation capabilities.  They also organize and deliver public courses in facilitation skills. Their training experience includes executive coaching, mentoring, training of trainers and developing self-managing teams.

Each Shankland and Associates contract begins with a design session where client needs are carefully analyzed and a specific response is crafted to meet those needs. In facilitating, every effort is made to remain neutral, and to transfer our experience and methods to the client. Documentation of results is done on a real-time basis, and follow-up services are available as required.

Shankland and Associates LLC - Client References

  • Michele D. Marincola

           Sherman Fairchild Chairman

           Conservation Center of the Institute of Fine Arts

           New York University

           14 East 78th Street

           New York, N.Y.  10021



  • Rev. William O. Lowrey, Ph.D.

           Consultant: Reconciliation and Peace-Building
           15454 Championship Drive
           Haymarket VA 20169-3152
           703-987-5269 Mobile Bill

           Mobile: 1.626.487.4931

Eunice and Sherwood Shankland were both “born and raised” in the Methodist Church, Sherwood in East Cleveland, Ohio and Eunice in the Philippines. Eunice is an ordained Methodist Deaconess, and both are ordained elders in the Presbyterian Church, USA. We were members of Burke PC USA for 20 years in Virginia; then we move to Colorado in 2008 and are now members of Smoky Hill UMC – Rev. Glenda Ulmer, Lead Pastor (303) 690-9816 ext. 203

Representative Faith-based communities and organizations where we have conducted planning and training programs:


  • Church of the Pilgrims, Washington DC - Rev. Dr. Jeffrey K. Krehbiel, Pastor

  • Lewinsville Presbyterian Church of - Rev. Emily Berman D’Andrea 703-356-7200        

  • Burke Presbyterian Church, Burke Virginia - Lay leader: Ron Page 703-764-0456

  • World Vision International – Peace Building workshops in the Philippines. with WV Director of Peace Building,  Rev. Dr. Bill Lowrey.

  • World Vision USA – Business unit planning sessions in Washington DC – Team retreats for Shared Vision, Strategic Priorities and Action Planning.  Type your paragraph here.

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